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Never Again Canyon

Tremendous potential, but largely disappointment.

Satellite maps appear to show a huge slot system carved into a plateau of silver sandstone. I had expected miles of slot, with rappels and possible trickling water from springs.

After two failed trips to reach the top due to terrible roads and unexpected locked gates, myself and Terry Secody went out in his enormous and very capable lifted 4WD truck.

We parked at the top of the plateau, and had a 15-minute bushwhack to the slot, where we rigged an 80-foot rappel to enter.

We explored up and down canyon, finding one or two potential sketchy entrances where someone could enter without a rope. It would be possible to walk up from the bottom of the drainage, miles downcanyon, but it still seems unlikely that any canyoneers ever entered.

Aside from many mountain lion prints, the canyon was largely unremarkable, with walls that never got very tight, and no rappels. There was one tricky slanting downclimb, which I was able to ascend via sprinting and jumping. We had a heck of a time hiking out up the steep, loose slope of sharp plants, and decided to never again enter this one. I'll leave it for the mountain lions.

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