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2014: Cross-Trek of Réunion Island

Two-week solo crossing of Réunion Island, from the north shore to the south shore. I mostly followed the GR R2 trail, and summited Piton des Nieges, the highest point on the island.

The trail is well-maintained and passes through multiple villages that are accessible by foot or helicopter only. Despite not being purely wilderness, the hike is an excellent way to see both the natural landscapes and the cultural aspects of Réunion Island. With 11,000 meters of gain over 142 kilometers, it's a challenging hike.

I also detoured, slightly, from the trail to summit Piton des Nieges, the highest peak on the island at 2495 meters.

Looking back, this trek was where my lifetime interest in canyoneering began. The trail passes several impossibly deep and narrow gorges, and I recall leaving the maintained trail to try to see if I could see the bottom of these canyons. I never could. Years later, I'd learn that Réunion is something of a canyoneering mecca.

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