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2021 began with the worst job of my life - a ruthlessly busy and horrible-run ER in Chinle. They asked me to stay longer, but I resigned in May, money in pocket, and we flew to Iceland with all our caving gear. For the next nine months, we caved hard throughout Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Mexico. We were attack be killer bees, did river-cave through trips, and discovered several caves in the jungle. Best year ever!


-Main Goal: Start a Personal Website (this one)

Should be accessible to anyone, and display accomplishments, visions, inspiration, and serve as a medium both to unlock further experiences dependent on peoples' perceptions of me. Purposes would include gaining a desired job, or getting on a caving expedition.

-Continue with standard personal goals

Read books, amply use this website, continue with social media, write reflections, make new friends, max out TSP, grow savings, be cautious with spending money.


Update January 2022:

Started this pretty sweet personal website centered on my own personal accomplishments and some specific beta for caves, canyons, etc. Has yet to get much traffic...

I read ample books until work got too busy in spring 2021. Since then, I have read no books, only articles and beta, and focused on writing more than reading.

Did a LOT of social media production - YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Maxed out my TSP for 2020 and 2021. Put A LOT in savings

Was EXTREMELY cautious with overspending. Somehow managed to last about 9 months without working! 

Adventure Goals

-Main goal: Grow as a caver.

Perfect cave photography. Learn to sketch. Learn rescue skills. Go to caving events.

Other goals:

Go to the caving and canyoneering festivals in Europe. Continue to make new friends in the sport. Packraft. Strongly attempt to get to the tropics for the winter. Take a freediving class if reasonable. Publish every trip. Write for Ropewiki. Network with other adventurers. And have fun doing all of it.

Update January 2022

Main focus was caving. Made a heroic attempt to learn to sketch on my own, but was not successful. I need a disto and a class and a mentor.

Learned cave rescue skills.

Did plenty of caving/canyoneering in Europe, even though all festivals were cancelled due to Covid.

Made lots of new friends.

Had the most amazing packraft trip - Rio La Venta, Mexico

Made it to the tropics for winter.

Took a freediving class - an unexpected failure as I can't clear my ears.

Published my trips, and still have plenty more to publish.

Published A LOT on Ropewiki.

Networked a ton.

Had a lot of fun!!!

Relationship Goals

-Work towards normal goals.

Make new friends. Stay connected with old friends. Reconnect with family, and try to get them abroad. Go to Pennsylvania.

Update January 2022

Made new friends. Stayed connected with a bunch of old friends. Went home twice, maintained normal family relationships. Was not that great, but it was normal.

Health Goals

-Continue with normal health goals

Continue going to gym several times a week, completing 9-12 exercises, always to include squat, press, bench and deadlift. Lots of smoothies with greens. Cut the items that cause sickness. Spend more for healthy food. Go to a dentist. Go to a primary care doctor and get blood drawn.

Update: January 2022

I continued with the gym, quite hard, and did smoothies whenever feasible, and spent more for organic or less-processed foods. I went to the dentist twice, and  now I have a water pick, electric toothbrush, and use them both twice daily.

Did not go to a doctor to get blood drawn. Can't figure out the insurance BS, nor were there any nearby from Chinle.

Career Goals​

-Main Goal: Get a real position in Sexual/Reproductive Health

It doesn't have to pay much, if anything. It can be anywhere, even online. But it must be specifically for the promotion of contraceptives.

-Continue with standard career goals

Be on time, work overtime when employed, take advantage of any training, bring up goals for coworkers for guidance, perfect your resume

Update January 2022:

Did not get any position in Sexual Health. Unexpectedly ER pay rates skyrocketed and I left public health for the worst but highest-paying ER contract I've had. It was mentally traumatic with some truly vengeful ER nurses, but I made a LOT and paid for the rest of the year off, in addition to meeting savings goals.

Otherwise, I did a ton of overtime, not much training, and did not discuss goals with coworkers much. 

Travel Goals

-Main Goal: 10 new countries.

Continue with other normal travel goals

Be cheap. No night flights. Minimize flights. Don't look like a vagabond. Dress nice. Take rest days, go to gyms.

Update January 2022:

11 new countries! 


Faroe Islands






Western Sahara

Canary Islands



Was super cheap, despite these being expensive places

Only one night flight.

Minimal amount of flights in general.

Dressed nicer than before, but still kinda vagabond...

Plenty of rest days.

Went to A LOT of gyms.

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