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I'm on a lifelong quest to visit AND experience the entire world - every country, territory, and geographically or culturally unique area. I generally spend several weeks or months in a country, pursuing different adventures to connect to the people and the place. From this page, you can see the places I've been and the experiences I've had there.


The so-called Dark Continent. For me, mostly great times thus far interspersed with a mugging, aggressive baboons, and one very close encounter with a warthog.



I've spent over a year of my life in Asia, both as part of writing a thesis and for travel. It's a crowded, humid, cheap, polluted, exciting place.

Europe, for me, represents some of the best times of my life. The places, the people, the incredible mountains, caves, canyons and beaches, the food, the languages... despite its popularity among travelers, it's still underrated. I've made many trips and keep going back because there's always more to discover.


north america

Home. The New World. Where I've spent the majority of my life, including some of my greatest adventures.

Island paradises. Tahiti. Fiji. Hawaii. Forests of palm trees. Warm water. Rainbow sunsets. What more could any traveller want?


south america

Latin America's finest: The Andes. The Amazon. Patagonia. South American is an amalgamation of legendary lands, and totally accessible to the dedicated traveller.

Exploration: Experience
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