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May- July 2009, July-September 2012

Arguably the world's greatest wilderness.

Alaska. Just the name of this vast land brings to mind bears, mountains, cold, pine trees. Everyone knows of Alaska, many want to go, and some people are even crazy enough to live there. The adventure is endless, and the land is so big that it seems indisputable that no one will ever be able to see all of Alaska. It's just too huge, with too many mountains and swamps.

I've been fortunate to spend two summers in Alaska. The first I worked for a fisheries organization to send data to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the second I got extensive training in wilderness first aid. Every year I seem to be considering another trip up north, but it rarely happens because of the complexity of remote places, bad weather, extensive gear, and nightmarish memories of the clouds of mosquitos. It's too intimidating, but I know I'll be back.

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