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May 2013-present

A wet desert of huge wildernesses.

I've spent more of my adult life in Arizona than any other single place - about five years in total. It's hard to disagree that the desert is king, and nothing makes me happier than the oases, the sunsets, the red earth, and the warm breezes.

The adventures we've had in Arizona are too numerous to list. At one point we did around 60 consecutive weekends away from home!

I've lived in Tucson and several towns on the Navajo Nation, which serve as good bases for exploring both the south and the north of the state.

This page will link to the canyoneering and caving adventures we've pursued in Arizona.

Canyoneering Arizona

There are plenty of slot canyons and other fantastic canyoneering routes in Arizona. We've done most of the best ones over the years, but have focused on the canyons of the Navajo Nation.


caves of Arizona

Arizona has around 1,000 known caves. For protection, I'm not sharing any names, locations, or entrance photos. Join a grotto or reach out to me if you'd like to get started caving. Some Arizona cave photos are available in my Cave Photography Portfolio.

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