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November 2022

Flat, touristy and charming.

I didn't think we'd like Barbados. It's flat, densely populated, filled with massive hotels, and gets way too many tourists. Could it really be that great?

Well, having spent a week there, we loved it. The entire island is breezy, with sugarcane fields rippling in the warm air. There are beaches galore. While most are developed and crowded, the sand and the water are picture-perfect. People are very friendly, and the architecture is old and interesting.

We summited the highest point, which was fantastically easy. We watched sunrises by a lighthouse over the rough Atlantic Ocean. We swam in tiny limestone coves, wandered the cute little capital, and saw a ton of invasive mongoose. I can see why Barbados is popular- there's a lot of little things to like! Barbados serves as another example, to me, of how it's impossible to judge a place until you've been there and experienced it.

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