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Candy Canyon

Part of a canyon system.

Candy Canyon is one of four drainages of the Potato Canyon complex, and is the least technical.

Suhei and myself claimed the first entry and the first descent, as none of the slightest gear scratches or rope marks could be found on the canyon's soft sandstone.

Multiple rappels and tricky downclimbs make this a fun one. It slots up, at its tightest, to maybe 12 inches wide. There is the potential for a huge swimmer pothole near the end, but it was dry on our trip.

Locals are wary of outsiders, and the sand is deep on the approach road. Your car may be vandalized, or the police may be called, if you attempt to poach this canyon. Don't do it.

Move to the Rez instead, serve the local population in some way, gain the trust and permission of locals, and bring your years of canyoneering experience to this one if you are inclined.

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