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canyons of jamaica

February 2023

Undiscovered canyon mecca.

We came to Jamaica for caving, and for traveling. Though I suspected there were canyons here, I was unable to find any information online, and we hadn't planned to do any exploration. By coincidence, a Spanish expedition team was finishing an exploratory canyoneering trip as we arrived, and gave us some beta on two routes they pioneered. They ended up with several incredible finds, and plans to come back. The island is likely a canyoneering mecca, with dozens or more five-star routes awaiting discovery.

Locals are very friendly, and enthusiastic, and even offered to take us down a canyon. When I pointed out that they didn't have any harnesses or rope, they asked, 'What do you need that for?' Canyoneering is, of course, not known by the locals. At most they can give you permission to cross their farms, or show you where the canyons might be.

I ended up publishing two routes on Ropewiki that we ran:


Fish Dunn Canyon

Sean's River Canyon

Future canyoneering groups should come with a 4x4 vehicle, bolt kit, and a drone. Locals that work in the farms will happily show foreigners every creek and waterfall that they know of. I would think that the best routes lie in the Blue Mountains, mostly on the north side of the island. Good luck!

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