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Cave #13

Cave #13 is a dry and horizontal cave, and I had no other information before going. The most exciting way to go caving!

We parked in front of a house with no one home. There was no one to ask about parking, but there were several puppies. People with puppies are generally friendly, I optimistically told myself, so we left the car and headed into the forest.


Although the cave is less than 100 meters from the road, it was not easy to find. We hacked and crawled and parted branches and pulled spiderwebs off our faces for what seemed like a long time until coming to a slight NE-facing slope with a tiny entrance. Looking back, I am actually surprised I found it.


To share the excitement, I backtracked 30 feet, Suhei caught up with me, and I asked her if she could see the entrance. She looked and looked, but the entrance was not obvious, so I led her over to it.


We went in. A few rats scurried off. A large, straight single root penetrated into the cave on the ground for over 300 feet, straight down the main passage. There was quickly a four-way intersection. Then another, and another, and another. In fact, four-way intersections were nearly continuous in this cave. The main passage was slightly more distinct than side passages, but at times we followed arrows painted on the walls.

The entire cave ceiling, usually about ten feet high, was white. There were not many formations, but the curved nature and white color of the ceiling made the cave feel like a mini cathedral.

We carefully began to explore side passages, most of which quickly dead-ended. One appeared to continue through a tight squeeze, but we had not known to bring flagging, and were apprehensive to continue so deep.


We followed another one to a crawlspace, which came around, opened up a little, and brought us beneath the main passage and into a room with a tiny, dripping puddle with miniature straw and stalactite formations. The room was barely large enough for one person.

The maze-like nature seemed neverending. We kept going down side passages, and returning the way we came. Each passage seemed identical. We saw two separate baby scorpions on the walls at eye level before heading back to the car.

I would love to see a map of this cave, because it definitely has a grid-like shape. Later, a SEPRI member told me that there is one passage that continues and leads to a whole different and extensive section of the cave. Cave #13 was one of the more unique caves we did in Puerto Rico.

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