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Cave #5

Suhei’s mom, Ana, was visiting and had never gone caving, although she has experience in canyoneering, rock

climbing and backpacking. We decided to take her into a small and simple cave in Bosque Estatal de Guanica.

After some beach time, we followed a trail into the forest to Cueva Cinco. From my research I was expecting a 200-meter bushwhack off the main trail to find the cave entrance, and was surprised to find a brightly flagged and cut path that took us straight to the cave! Any hiker or tourist would be able to follow this.

We entered at the smallest entrance to the cave, and downclimbed into a large room below a bigger entrance. We saw some unusual fin-like tan stalactites grouped together on the high ceiling here. When we got closer, we heard loud buzzing, and realized they weren’t stalactites at all. They were huge hives of killer bees! Future parties definitely will want to be careful to avoid the bees.

We climbed down to the guano lake in the twilight, passed it, and climbed up into a completely dark corner with multiple small leads. One of them went in for a little ways and dropped down to a small sump of clear water. A six-foot metal gauge was secured in the sump. We took some pictures and left.

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