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caves of mexico

Cave paradise.

Mexico is filled with caves, from the top to the bottom of this amazing country. There are some of the deepest caves in the world here, as well as some of the longest horizontal and underwater caves here.

Truth be told, I've done a few amazing caves here, but not that many overall. There will be more in the future.

Some memorable trips underground here including helping to survey a few small bits of the massive system underlying Quintana Roo; a day-long thru-trip of the amazing Chorreadero river cave; packrafting through the 500-foot high Arco del Tiempo cave on Rio La Venta; and camping inside Cueva del Rio La Venta, which is a 2-3 days thru-trip with many difficulties which we did not finish. 

There's plenty of exploration remaining here, though each year remaining leads become harder and harder to reach as the easier ones are explored by some of the world's best cavers making trips here.

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