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Cheerio Canyon

First documented descent, after an unknown first descent.

Only a 20 minute walk from pavement, it was no surprise when we found bolts at the first rappel in what I've named Cheerio Canyon. Multiple rappels, up to 200 feet, all had bolts.

I could not find out who the first descent party was, or when. The bolts were stainless steel, which didn't become popular until around 2000, so the first descent was likely after 2000.

Regardless, the canyon has a fairly dramatic profile, with a final rappel of four stages totaling 200 feet. At the bottom, where the canyon intersects with the larger Potato Canyon system, is a deep keeper pothole that blocks exploration upcanyon.

We made three separate trips to Cheerio to complete exploration, each time bringing more ropes and budgeting more time. It's a great canyon for intermediate canyoneers with solid ascending skills.

Remember, Navajo canyons are illegal for non-Navajo. You're technically trespassing if you dare to enter this canyon, and I certainly don't recommend poaching it. Someday, it may open up to the world. But not today.

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