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East Fork of Upper Kaibeto Creek Canyon

Short but sweet.

We first explored this slot knowing only that it had been entered up to a first rappel. Satellite images show a very short canyon, but as always, technicality, not length, is what defines a slot. We were not disappointed.

The slot had already been descended. We found several old bolts and aging cattle rope inside, along with a ladder. Previous parties are unknown.

There are multiple rappels, including multi-stage rappels, that culminate with a >180-footer at the end. The exit would be a very long slog to the west. We rigged fixed ropes and reascended, passing challenging lips and several large mud-filled potholes.

One of the delights inside was a triple arch hallway, where you walk/rappel through three separate arches only feet from each other. Only in this canyon have I seen this feature.

Though easily accessible, remember, Navajo Nation slots are illegal and there are no rescue resources. Move to the Rez, make local contacts, and become an expert canyoneer before you even consider this one.

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