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Faroe Islands

July 2021

One of the farthest corners of Europe.

The Faroes are 'owned' by Denmark, yet are literally an ocean apart. Locals speak Faroese, visitors are few, and there is strong patriotism. This archipelago, despite having one of the worst climates ever, is absolutely gorgeous and almost entirely mountains.

Suhei and I spent a week in the Faroe Islands in summer 2021. We camped in Torshavn, at literally the cheapest place in the entire territory, and hitchhiked to different places daily.

It's not all gold here. The environmental record is atrocious, with no protected land or national parks. Virtually all of surface area is for grazing. Dolphin slaughters are regular. More than a few residents exclaimed how the world needs more people. Religion is still pervasive here, with many Faroese believing it has a real place in government, and one guy even trying to 'save' us.

Nevertheless, it's one of the most remote and fascinating places in Europe. Go now before it changes.

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