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September-November 2014

One of the world's great nations.

Love it or hate it, France has been one of the most influential nations in modern human history. Huge scientific leaps, global diplomacies, blundering colonialism and world-renowned cuisines. Which is why I spent six weeks in France as part of my Global Cycling Tour.

Entering from Italy, I spent a few days riding along the Mediterranean, then climbed up over the Alps and followed the canals all the way to Paris. I spent a month in Paris, undeniably one of the world's greatest and most famous cities.

I have had nearly exclusively positive interactions with the French people over the years. They are incredibly well-mannered, humble, astute and respectful. Plus, the country consistently produces many of the world's best cavers and canyoneers.

Anyone keen to understand modern history, and indeed the world itself, will do well to first understand France.

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