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November 2022

Fun people and pretty places.

Who doesn't like Grenada? The people are always smiling, the island is a verdant garden, there's always another beach to explore, and the weather is breezy and fantastic. Travel here is also very simple.

We spent a week in this Caribbean island country, renting a car and trying to see it all. In our adventures, we climbed Mt. St. Catherine, played with Mona monkeys, went to the beach party on Hog Island, watched sunset from a cemetery in Saeteurs, and met seemingly every rasta man on the island. Loved it.

That said, it's not all a paradise. Most men sit on the street corner and smoke weed and drink beer, all day every day. Few men seem to have any ambition, or teeth, and multiple people told us they believe much of the country's wealth comes from remittances from family members working in the UK, along with tourism. Few locals seemed to have any hobbies, and virtually no one seems to ever do any type of exercise. Odd.

If you go, make sure to get out of the southwest tourist area - it's better almost everywhere else, with less traffic and congestion, friendly people, and prettier places. The sunsets, however, are unbeatable everywhere in Grenada.

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