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May 2011

Tropical islands of serrated mountains.

Hawaii is a place that everyone wants to visit. It's photogenic, warm, clean, and safe. I'll never forget the excitement of booking my ticket, and then landing at night, and then waking up before dawn the first morning to watch the sunrise in Honolulu.

The rainforest and mountains are uniquely Polynesian. The culture isn't too much different from the rest of the US, but we were there more to go hiking and swimming.

We spent two weeks in Hawaii. It was one of the only times my parents travelled this far. Unsurprisingly, they loved it.

I'd give Hawaii two thumbs up. I've often considered moving here, but haven't, because financially it doesn't make sense. There are a million other reasons why it would make sense to live in Hawaii though, and we'll see what the future brings.

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