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February 2018

A sketchy nation of ignorance, poverty, and biodiversity.

Sadly, Honduras is plagued by crime and poverty. It's hard to say whether this unfortunateness causes, or is caused by, the local ignorance. I've traveled throughout Latin America, but rarely have seen a society of such appalling cultural norms.

Over a week of travelling, we were continuously puzzled by local behavior and beliefs. Locals will throw their trash either on the bus floor or straight out the window. Men asked Suhei, who is Mexican, why she is with me, a gringo. Men told us women need to stay home to cook, and should be bearing babies. We were frequently asked to pay extra, because all foreigners are rich. We heard things like 'Our country has too many trees' and 'We can't share where the quetzals are, because bad men will trap them.' I'm not sure of the future that Hondurans want, but hopefully it's different than how the country is now.

Negative things aside, there are plenty of beautiful landscapes and protected areas here. We spent several days searching for the quetzal in Cusuco, and never found it. The forests are filled with tiny, deadly snakes, so be careful. Honduras is rough but can be rewarding.

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