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July 2007-Present

Mountains and sky.

Just the word 'Montana' evokes images of mythical mountains, the bluest skies, and wide open spaces. I'd had a lifelong fascination with this land since I was a child growing up in crowded Pennsylvania. Since then, I've both made many trips to Montana, and have lived in the northwest corner of the state, on the Blackfeet Nation, several times.

To me, Montana represents both adventure and independence. Indeed, most things to do here are both. We've done wilderness trips up to two weeks in length without seeing another soul. We spent several days summiting Granite Peak, the highest in the state, have backpacked throughout Glacier National Park, and countless other adventures, such as the Scapegoat Caving Expedition. Yet we've hardly seen anything thus far. No one's seen all of Montana. I'll be trying, and will have a lifelong bond with this incredible place.

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