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December 2014

A desert nation of mountains and oases.

Oman seems to be little-known and generally overlooked by most travellers. That's probably a good thing, because tourism would ruin this majestic country.

I visited as part of my Global Cycling Tour and became likely the first person to cycle the new coastal highway to Salalah. I covered well over 2,000 kilometers on backroads, dusty paths, big highways, and lonely, epic straightaways. One day I knocked off 180 kilometers and slept in a rural mosque.

The people were wonderful. Nearly daily I was given dates and free places to stay, making this trip part of a 68-day stretch on my bike tour in which I didn't have to pay for accommodation. 

I was amazed at the crystal-clear streams seeping out of the parched mountains, and found myself wondering where all the water comes from. Years later, I learned Oman is a canyoneering mecca, and hope to return someday.

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