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Peach Wash Canyon

A short but intense section of potholes.

After waiting a year to get landowner permission for Peach Wash, we were cautioned that no one had been in the slot in decades. We came extremely well-prepared, and were able to tackle all the obstacles in the canyon. We did, however, fix our ropes and ascend back out. The seemingly impossible keeper pothole described in the Kelsey Guidebook was dry, sand-filled, and easy to defeat - for now.

If you're looking to poach this one, look elsewhere. It''s remote, behind several fences and gates, and has few points to enter and exit the slot. There's also no drinking water. Importantly, too, both the landowners and the powerline company patrol the area nearly daily, and this landowner in particular is VERY wary of outsiders. You're risking both a criminal record and denigrating canyoneers' reputation in the eyes of the local community. It's not, to summarize, the best canyon around, either. Please canyoneer respectfully.

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