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saint lucia

December 2022

A stand-out town.

Most of Saint Lucia is not pretty. Towns are not so nice, the coastline is mediocre, and the people hassle tourists worse than the rest of the Caribbean. However, the Soufriere area is a true gem, and is easily one of the prettiest places in the Caribbean. It's popular, and for good reason, with two picturesque peaks fronting a lively town on a great beach. Tourists come and stay in expensive hotels, generally only leaving for a package day tour. Yawn.

We decided to do it independently, as you should, to see the island how we wanted, and interact with plenty of locals. I met some of my family for a week and we rented a bungalow on the coast above Soufriere, with stunning views. With a rental car, we were able to go everywhere.

There are some pretty waterfalls in the center of the country, with some decent birding and hiking. The beaches, for the most part, are far too developed and fronted by development. Some people were fun and honest, but, mostly we were continuously asked for money, or to buy a tour, or haggled by other touts. I strongly recommend Soufriere as a majestic place for the traveller. The rest of Saint Lucia? Until the people stop hassling tourists... not so much.

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