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saint pierre et miquelon

July 2012

The faraway North Atlantic of the past.

Unless you're from nearby Newfoundland, you've likely never heard of this French territory in the chilly north Atlantic Ocean. Saint Pierre Et Miquelon is a tiny archipelago of stunted trees, cool winds, and colorful homes. In midsummer, when the sun breaks through the drifting fog, it's a dream.

I came here alone one summer on a tiny plane from St. John's, Newfoundland. I stayed at the cheapest guesthouse available and spent my days hiking the entire island of Saint Pierre. Remarkably, most people don't speak any English.

The town is absolutely one of the prettiest in North America, with a complete absence of trash, strip malls, traffic or billboards. The houses are brightly painted in contrast to the bleak North Atlantic. To me, this remote land is a top destination in North America.

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