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South Africa

March-May 2014

An enormous land of many different lands.

I spent three months in South Africa during part of my Global Cycle Tour. All my travel was by bicycle, but I spent nearly half of my days hiking, surfing, and exploring on foot.

There's a seemingly endless quantity of places in South Africa. Every valley is unique, and the country has more cultures, biomes and landscapes than almost anywhere.

Most international visitors seem to hardly get beyond Cape Town and maybe Kruger. Me? I thought the unremarkable destinations were the most spectactular. The towns with unpronouncable or forgettable names. The mountains left off of general maps. The beaches with no one there.

South Africa is both one of the most fascinating places and countries on earth. It's certainly one of my favorites. I had no problems with crime (though I had my fears), and met some of the most amazing people, nearly all of whom reminded me how stupid and crazy I was for crossing their country with a bicycle and a tent.

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