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Taco Canyon

Short and isolated.

While living in Tuba City I worked in the ER. Studying statellite images of my surroundings one night shift, during a lull in patients, I noticed what could be a slot or a shadow a few miles south of Tuba.

I drove out, solo, one scorching August afternoon, and was surprised to find an actual slot with a bolted rappel.

While small, the canyon is very fun, includes stemming, and can be upclimbed from the bottom to the rappel. I've returned several times and taken a few beginners out to practice.

Since 2020, many gates have been put up on the Navajo Nation apparently due to increased illegal dumping. Taco Canyon, to my knowledge, is now gated. It's a long walk from the gate, in sand, and it's illegal. You'll be easily found and caught - don't poach this one.

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